Who We Are

The Mannar Welfare Association of the UK was established with the core objective of uplifting, supporting the development, rehabilitation and relief to the people of Mannar affected by the aftermath of the war.


The seed for the Mannar Welfare Association UK was initiated in April 2004. The Association gained its charitable status in 2014 and has initiated a multitude of service projects to achieve its objective uplifting those affected by the war in Mannar.

The Over the years MWAUK has diversified and ensured to identify causes which will make a ripple effect to the community of our home town Mannar. The causes developed have been in the areas of education, school development, youth capacity building, language training, relief and medical support.


The association has ventured to support schools, provide materials for its building and development, initiated and offered a recognized Diploma in English to elevate the capacity of 32 selected youth in order for them to find better employment opportunities, joined forces with the University of Samburugamuwa in order to conduct Ordinary Level preparation seminars and workshops, partnered and with the guidance provides by Mannar District Educational Director initiated a three year coaching class for Math, Science and English for students of Grade 6 to 8 who have scored 35 and below in their term examinations, flood relief support, handing over the very first Eco Cardiac Treadmill Machine to the Mannar General Hospital, cash reward to 21 students who excelled in the 2018 Advanced Level examination by achieving the highest marks in the district.


We work in partnership with government agencies and institutions in taking our mission forward. The local Committee of MWAUK in Mannar functions as its eyes and ears thus supporting the Association in identifing the requirements, finiding suitable solutions and implentation and follow up activities.


Regular visit by the Executive Committee mebers ensure that each project cause identified reaches its beneficiaries.

Our Mission

The relief of poverty among people affected by the war long-term, living, in the Mannar region of Northern Sri lanka and surrounding areas; by, in particular but not exclusively, provide such persons with financial and other material support to help with education and other needs in order to sustain and develop the communities livelihood and self sustainment.

Striving together...

We believe in euality. We vow to continue o maintain the respect for each every person we work with in the various communitties we have served and continue to serve. 

Registered Charity No:1156686

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