COVID19 Relief Support - Phase 3

The Mannar Welfare Association UK, successfully the third phase of "COVID19 Relief Support" on 24th April. 500 families benefited from this project and the dry ration food packs were distributed to the following locations:

Mannar - 200 families
Musali - 200 families
Nanattan - 100 families

As per the support and advise received by the Additional Secretary Mr. Gunapalan who also took the time to part take in the hand over of the packs, Divisional Secretary Mr. M. Pratheep also handed over the dry ration packs to 200 families located in the Southbar and Savatkkadu in Mannar along with the MWAUK Working Committee members Mr. Pathinathan Croos and Mrs. R.T. Ramalingam and many other government officials.

The dry ration packages included Rice, Dhal, Flour, Sugar, Tea leaves, Potatoes, Onions and other essential items. Each package value was Rs.1500.00

MWAUK sincerely thanks all its well wishers who came forward to support this initiative whilst also specially thanking the GA office and DS Office and its officials for their support.

A notable thanks to the Working Committee members of the MWAUK for their tireless support in ensuring the implementation of this project and for all those who volunteered towards making this a success.

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