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Donation of Cardiac Exercise Treadmill machine to Mannar General Hospital in 2018




The Mannar Welfare Association UK conducted a successful fund-raising event on 8th June, 2018 at the Barnhill Community Centre to raise £12,500 to purchase a Cardiac Treadmill Exercise Machine which was a dire need to help save lives in Mannar. Though many more other lifesaving equipment were required at this hospital, the Cardiac Exercise Treadmill Machine was an urgent priority which was highlighted and brought to our notice by Dr. Mayuran, Cardiologiest from UK, who visited the Mannar General Hospital as a volunteer together with his colleague cardiologists with aim of supporting the less fortunate people of the Mannar District.


On this request The Mannar Association UK took this as a priority and organized this fund raising event which was an immense success. The Chairman of the Mannar Association UK, Mr. Puvindran Masilamani in his speech at the fund raising event, noted “We have involved in implementing various cause based  projects in Mannar by providing support for educational based projects, school refurbishments and youth development. This event is organized with the core objective to raise funds to fulfill this urgent requirement brought to our notice by Cardiologist, Dr. Mayuran. It did touch our hearts, we should consider ourselves as lucky to be living in this country because we are entitled to many facilities unlike the people in the Mannar District who are suffering without proper facilities. Therefore, we will as an association formed to support the people of Mannar will do our best to achieve this cause.”


Dr. Mayuran, Cardiologist in UK, in his speech mentioned that he has been doing volunteer work for sometime now and he choose Mannar as it is the poorest district in the Northern province, which has been the key factor that motivated him and his friends and from UK to visit Mannar, in order to lend a helping hand to the people. During this visit they identified that an equipment of such essential requirement was not available at the Mannar General Hospital and reached out to the MWAUK to create the awareness of the need and support us in procuring a machine.


Speakers also from St. Henry Charity Organisation, Chairman Mr.Illencheliyan and Mr. Thayaparan from the International Medical Health Organisation (IMHO) also addressed the gathering. Both Association donated funds towards this project.  Association of Sri Lankan Lawyers donated a major portion of the total cost.


The closing event speech was delivered by Secretary Mrs. Jemma Aloysious who thanked Dr. Mayuran, Cardiologist and his cardiology colleagues on behalf of the Mannar Welfare Association UK, for visiting Mannar with their own funds and in their own time, to help these less fortunate people living in Mannar. She also thanked the other Charity organizations and individuals who also came forward to donate towards this worthy cause. Lastly she thanked the members of the Mannar Welfare Association UK, for working tirelessly to organize this fund raising event to raise the urgently needed funds which was a success. The event concluded with the people in attendance taking a joyful relaxed moment to enjoy some karaoke provided by Mr & Mrs. Atputhaseelan. The food sponsor for the event was donated by Palm Beach Restaurant. The programme was compered by Mrs. Nilani Annasingham.



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