Projects 2013 - 2014

The Projects selected and successfully completed during the year 2013 and 2014 were focused on Rehabilitation support and Higher Education. Thus the projects evolved around providing financial assistance to the youth and children of Manar affected by the aftermath of War, with an objective of creating educational awareness opportunities for their career identification and growth.


A mega Musical Event  ‘Innisai Malai Pozuthu’, with the participation of many well-known Tamil artists from South India, was organized in June 2013, as a fund raiser with a view to raise £30,000 towards funding the Association’s goals for the current year,  Unfortunately we were only able to break even due to the lack of support. However we do appreciate the continuous support given to us by our Committee members and the well-wishers to make the event an entertaining and successful one. 

  • A sum of £1000 was donated to Mannar Association for Relief and Rehabilitation (MARR) through Rev. Fr. Xavier Croos, towards their cause in supporting vulnerable children in the Mannar District affected by war.
  • A three year project under the title of Empowering youth to be responsible and peace loving Citizen was initiated with the core purpose of promoting ‘leadership and professionalism among the Advance Level and University drop out youth in Mannar’.
  • Thus, the following summary of events were coordinated for this purpose:
  • Data base on Advanced Level and University dropout students were collected and shared. The Association has promoted Leadership and Professionalism among the AL/University Dropouts of Mannar District to take off the grounds by conducting a Seminar on 12th April 2014 in Mannar.
  • Career guidance and higher education awareness was provided to the target group. A sum of         £ 2620 (Rs. 528,210.00) was donated towards organizing a Career and Higher Education Guidance Seminar on the 16th and 17th of May 2014 with the participation of leading Higher educational Tertiary and University institutes such as Metropolitan college, American National College, Aquinas College, Imperial College, Mercury, and Sri Lanka Press Institute.
  • Support to academic and vocational pursuits provided to selected number of vulnerable candidates. Diploma in English Program conducted by Metropolitan College and funded by the MWAUK. 33 children have completed the diploma in English course and have received a recognised certificate that would enable them to progress in their career. The graduation ceremony took place in Mannar on the 29th of January 2015 and the Diploma Certificate was awarded by the Metropolitan College, Colombo. The sum of £4000.00 (Rs.847,250.00) was donated for this cause.
  • Number of employment opportunities were attained and enjoyed among the target group.
  • Positive attitude promoted among the target group towards betterment of their lives.
  • A sum of Rs. 400,000.00 was donated to De La Salle Brothers for their Diamond jubilee celebration. The said funds were collected by the old boys and well-wishers of St Xavier’s College for this particular purpose.
  • A few old girls of St Xavier’s Girls school have contributed £500 for teaching chemistry for A/L students. The said sum was channeled through our MWAUK.

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