Organic Garden Farming

'Sangeetha Megam – 2021', Saturday 01st May 7pm onwards, is a fundraiser to support a noble cause of nurturing organic home gardening in the North, East and Upcountry areas in Sri Lanka. MWAUK partners with 12 other UK based charities united under one umbrella named BRIDGE to lead this cause as a contemporary necessity.
The current goal is to empower at least 1000 households to produce their own vegetables using organic gardening. Having very successfully completed a preliminary phase in Paranthan for 97 households, currently further 198 households benefitting from this project.
We strongly believe we can achieve the above target with all your support. All it takes for a family is only £25!
Please enjoy our show with your family and show your support.
Sangeetha Megam will be broadcasting on YuppTV and IBC Music.
Condition Symptoms Treatment
Ringworm Hair loss, scaling Specific ringworm medication
Food allergies Skin inflammation, itching Alternative diet
Kennel cough Barking cough Vaccination and/or antibiotics

Registered Charity No:1156686

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