COVID19 Relief Support - Phase 2

The Mannar Welfare Association UK owing to its core objecting of uplifting the lives of the community in Mannar, as he second phase of the COVID19 Relief Support joined hands in partnership with MARDAP to support 87 familes of differently abled children living in Mannar, who are gravely affected by the lockdown for Corona. This project was implemented on 5th April 2020 by the Working Committee of MWAUK Mannar along with the support of the government officials and other individuals in transporting and distributing the packages  in Mannar.

A family pack contained of:
Rice bag - 2kg
Wheat flour - 2kg
Sugar - 2kg
Anchor pkt - 1
Biscuit - 1
Soap - 1
Toothpaste - 1
Cologne - 1
Panadol card - 1
Pampers pkt - 1
Sanitary napkins - 1


The dry rations packs were packed and were distirbuted by the MARDAP team. 


Registered Charity No:1156686

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